Do you know how deep the sea is?


The depth of the ocean is divided into five water layers: the upper ocean layer (more than 200 meters), the middle ocean layer (200 meters to 1 kilometer), the deep ocean layer (1 to 4 kilometers), and the ocean abyss layer (4 kilometers to 6,000). m), ocean super abyss layer (less than 6 kilometers).

According to the intensity of the light transmitted by the sun, from the surface of the ocean to the depth of 200 meters, called the upper layer of the ocean, where the sun shines through the sea, the water is brighter, the sea is blue, blue; from 200 meters to 1000 meters The deep water layer, called the middle layer of the ocean, where the sunlight cannot pass through the sea, the light is very weak, the sea is a dark blue; the water layer from 1000 meters to 4,000 meters is called the semi-deep sea layer, where there is no sunlight. It is dark, it is a dark world; below 4,000 meters is the deep sea layer, it is even darker, but most of the fish in the semi-deep sea and deep sea have luminous organs to help them linger in the dark and dull environment. Food and action.

Many people choose to travel when they are resting. The most common place to go is the seaside. Looking at the boundless sea, the whole person will feel relaxed and happy, and the troubles that often entangle themselves are also dissipated at this moment. This boundless sea, we can only see a blue, not at all under the sea, then how deep will the sea be? Let’s take the Bohai Sea! I believe everyone is familiar with this area. 18 meters is its average depth, of which 90% of the sea water depth is less than 30 meters, at this depth, everyone feels a bit discouraged. Moreover, according to the investigations of relevant personnel, the Mariana Trench is the deepest sea in the world, and its deepest convenience is 11034 meters. There may be a large number of people who have no concept about this number and may not feel it. How deep is it.

Take the blue whale for an example! It is the world’s largest marine animal, with a depth of 500 meters, which is the ultimate in its dive, and the tallest building in the world is 840 meters. If you continue to dive to 1000 meters, because the sun is hard to come in, the depth of the sea is dark, you can’t see the surrounding, and you can feel the heavy pressure when you dive to this place. This is like a whole Mars pressing on a person. Therefore, at present, because of the limitations of technology, it is difficult for human beings to dive to this depth. Once this depth is reached, the whole person will be in danger.

Let me talk about the Mariana Trench, even the highest peak in the world is considered a small witch in front of it. Because the water pressure will increase with the depth of the dive, no country at present has the ability or technology to support us to dive to its deepest point. No matter how large the creature is, once it reaches its deepest point, it will be crushed into pieces in an instant. In any case, it is really as we imagined, it is really bottomless, so we can’t understand the scene of the seabed, and we can’t explore some things on the seabed.

However, nowadays, various countries are moving forward in different aspects. I believe that there will always be a day when we can see the scenery of the seabed. At what time do you usually choose to go to the beach to play? What activities do you usually do after you get to the beach? Xiaobian’s point of view: In fact, there are many things in the whole nature that we can’t explore. So there are a lot of mysteries, but I believe that with our continuous progress and constant problems in the field, there will always be one day. These mysteries will be solved by us one by one.


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