Apple releases iOS 12.4 with fix for its Walkie Talkie bug and new wireless data migration feature


Apple’s new iOS mends a bug in its Walkie Talkie app that let customers listen in other people’s Apple Watches and adds a new wireless data transfer capability.

The update comes just two months after the release of iOS 12.3 and comes on the precipice of Apple’s major iOS 13 roll out slated for this fall.

According to Apple, among other things, iOS 12.4 will allow users to ‘directly’ migrate data between Apple devices like iPads and iPhones making it easier to switch from a old devices to new ones.

It’s unclear exactly how the feature works, but unlike previous migration processes, Apple says it does not rely on iTunes or iCloud. 

Apple News also got an update that allows users to more seamlessly browse between newspaper subscriptions by navigating the top of the News Plus section. 

The update also re-enables the Walkie Talkie app for the Apple Watch, which lets users engage in a push-to-talk type voice chat feature. 

Apple disabled the Walkie-Talkie app for the Apple Watch after an unspecified vulnerability that allowed people to listen in on others’ devices.  

Apple said there’s no evidence that anyone exploited the flaw — which was reported directly to Apple through its bug portal — before Walkie-Talkie was taken down.

Earlier this year, Apple temporarily disabled its Group FaceTime calling feature after a glitch was discovered which in some cases enabled people to listen in on someone they were calling even before the call was answered.

A fix was issued for the bug shortly after it was discovered. 

According to The Verge, the new iOS also includes the underlying code for the roll out of the Apple Card, an Apple-powered credit card which could be released this summer.

The card, which is being offered jointly with Goldman Sachs, offers several perks, including zero fees, cash back for Apple Pay purchases and contactless payments that will be accepted at sores where the technology is present. 

Apple said its interest rates will be ‘among the lowest in the industry’ and plans to unveil the card sometime this summer.



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