Voters ‘less likely to support Labour if it backs People’s Vote’ on Brexit, leaked poll reveals


Just 25 per cent of people said the stance would make them more likely to back the party

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn may have come under fire from his own party about his stance on Brexit, however a leaked poll suggests the public could be more in tune with his views.

According to research by the pro-EU Best for Britain campaign, if the party switched a firm stance on stopping Brexit, almost a third of voters would be less likely to vote for Labour.

The survey, seen by The Guardian, also found that a similar number of people thought it would not make a difference, while just a quarter said it would make them more likely to back the party.

Difficult position

The Labour Leader has found himself in a difficult position over the UK’s exit from the European Union, with 71 of his own MPs publicly calling for him to formally back a so-called ‘People’s Vote’.

Divisions on the issue of another referendum are also thought to run right to the top of the party, with both Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott believed to be supportive of such a move.

However, Mr Corbyn remains steadfastly opposed to backing a second vote, despite a recent YouGov poll of the party’s members showing some 86 per cent backed a second vote, with 93 per cent saying they would vote to remain in the EU if they had the chance.

Labour voters

This new survey, however, claims the general public could be less likely to back the party if it switched to a pro-EU stance.

The results also found that the party would lose roughly the same amount of voters as it would gain from the Conservatives.

A spokesperson from Best for Britain, which commissioned the 2,000 person poll shortly before the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal was defeated, said that the results showed the vast majority of Labour voters would not desert the party.

“It was a private poll that shows, like all of our public poll, that Labour members and supporters are clamouring to fight Brexit,” they said. “The poll shows that Conservative voters aren’t there just yet, but we are confident our campaign will get them there.”

They also added that 39 percent of Lib Dem supporters would consider switching to the party, along with 40 percent of green voters.


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