UK weather forecast: Heatwave to return at end of August – temperatures to rocket by 10C


BRITONS may be in for another band of hot weather at the end of the month as temperatures are set to rise by over 10C for many, a WXCharts weather map has shown.

The warmer weather is set to sweep in from the west on the last ten days of August following a few days of colder and wet conditions next week. The UK has been battered by heavy rain and thunderstorms over the past few weeks as low-pressure weather systems continue to sweep across much of Britain. But, one forecaster, Channel 4 News weatherman, Liam Dutton, has suggested a “typhoon over Asia may bring summer weather back to the UK in around 10 days”.

The Met Office’s long-range forecast also suggests settled conditions could return to the UK towards the end of the month and at the start of September.

Mr Dutton posted a video on Twitter, showing how a weather system currently impacting Asia could bring improved conditions to the UK in just under two weeks.

The video reads: “Tropical storm Krosa is spinning around over the northwest Pacific Ocean.

“It was previously a typhoon but has now weakened to a strong tropical storm.

“During the next few days, it will move over Japan and onwards to the far east of Russia.

“However, it will also bump into the jet stream high up in the atmosphere.

“This will send a ripple eastwards along the jet stream, like what happens when you flick a skipping rope.

“If you look closely, you can see this ripple in the jet stream travel across the ocean to the US.

“The ripple then travels onwards to above the Atlantic Ocean, pushing the jet stream north of the UK.

“If the jet stream moves north of the UK, it will bring high pressure instead of low pressure.

“High pressure would bring settled weather for the end of August with some sunshine and a warmer feel than of late.”

The scorching hot weather towards the end of the month comes from a typhoon that is currently sitting over Asia pushing a high pressure system towards the UK.

This will add to the contrasting weather the UK has seen this month after being battered by a series of low-pressure weather systems which have brought heavy rain and thunderstorms to the country.

The Met Office forecast for Sunday, August 18 to Tuesday, August 27, reads: “The unsettled theme looks set to continue this weekend, with low-pressure systems affecting the UK.

“Sunshine and showers will be likely for many on Sunday, with the risk of thunderstorms and coastal gales.

“Into next week, there will be brighter and showery interludes across the UK.

“It will be windy too, with gales at times, especially in the north and west at first. Any drier spells are likely to be brief through this period.

“Through next week and towards the end of August, there are some signs that longer drier and more settled spells may occur, especially in the south.

“Temperatures will often be below normal for the time of year, and there will be some chilly nights during any quieter spells.”


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