Two Brits dead after planes crash mid-air over southern France


Two British men have lost their lives after the aircraft they were in crashed with another UK-registered aeroplane.

The men, aged 18 and 37, died when the plane crashed while flying over the Maddalena Pass, a high region in the Alps between France and Italy.

They came down at around 12.45pm and mangled wreckage has been spotted in woodland at an altitude of 2,775m.

The pilot of the other aeroplane was also British and he managed to land safely nearby.

There were three people in total involved in the accident, which happened near a disused gun battery by the village of Val d’Oronaye.

The source said that the surviving pilot was said to be ‘in good health, and not badly injured at all’. No other details about any of the victims have yet been released.

Both planes, which were registered in England, had taken off from the Barcelonnette/Saint-Pons aerodrome nearby.

Rescue helicopters were immediately scrambled to the scene, along with fire fighters and police units.

The investigation to determine the causes of the accident was entrusted to the air transport research section of the local gendarmerie.


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