The Walking Dead season 10: Rosita’s fate confirmed as Eugene takes on game-changing role


THE WALKING DEAD is still a couple of months off airing its 10th series, but it seems there’s been an exciting development off-screen for Rosita Espinosa and Eugene Porter.

The Walking Dead fans still have a little while before they can get reacquainted with their favourite characters from the hit AMC show.

However, the zombie drama has been drip-feeding exciting tidbits of information over the past couple of weeks and the latest is sure to delight viewers. 

Rosita Espinosa (played by Christian Serratos) was pregnant the last time she was seen on The Walking Dead.

However, two new snaps now show the beloved character has given birth – and the baby’s name has a seriously special name. 

In one picture, Rosita can be seen attending her daughter while Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) holds his nose.

The Walking Dead boss, Angela Kang, has since revealed the name of her baby, and it seems its backstory has a special meaning. 

Rosita chooses to call her baby Socorro, which is Spanish for “help” or “relief”, a touching name for the difficulties faced in the Walker apocalypse. 

The nickname, Coco, has also been passed down through several generations of Christian’s own family. 

What’s more, actor Josh has revealed that Eugene will have a special role in the life of little Socorro.

While it’s unknown exactly what type of job he will have, it seems he will make for a gateway between Socorro’s father, Siddiq (Avi Nash), and boyfriend, Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam). 

Meanwhile, a separate image confirmed the return of a long-forgotten character.

ΩCyndie (Sydney Park) hasn’t been seen on the show since the beginning of season nine. 

She kind of melted into the background when she got her revenge on Arat. 

But now he is out of the picture, it seems Cyndie will actually get to fight alongside the likes of Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). 

Sydney shared the exciting news on her Instagram page and it seems her fans were delighted to see her back.

One fan wrote: “Yes I can’t wait to see Cyndie from Oceanside and Rachel from Oceanside.”

Another added: “Omggg I can’t believe it!! You’re in TWD season 10!! I’m too freakin’ excited!”

A third shared: “My God yessss I missed Cyndie so much.”

Fans will have to wait and see how much of an impact she has in the battle against The Whisperers.


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