The Queen had ‘a bit of a laugh’ as she debuted as actress in iconic ceremony


THE QUEEN didn’t need to be persuaded into taking part in the 2012 Olympics James Bond spoof and had “a bit of a laugh” while filming it, insiders revealed.

On this day seven years ago the world tuned in to watch Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics. The extraordinary act saw a brief cameo appearance of Queen Elizabeth II, who, in a brief sequence, partnered up with Her Majesty’s most famous spy, James Bond. 

The monarch had never acted before, but didn’t hesitate when she heard the proposal from Mr Boyle. One official told the Mirror: “It was not a case of having to persuade the Queen to take part.

“Her Majesty said ‘yes’ to it straight away. She thought it was such brilliant fun.

“And when the idea for the format was explained to her she was happy with that, too.”

Despite debuting on set at the age of 86, the Queen managed to complete her scene in one take. 

The official continued: “When we came to filming it the Queen was a natural. Did it take long?

“No. Let’s just say we only had to film it once.”

The Queen wasn’t alone on the set, as she had her beloved corgis acting alongside her in the hallways of Buckingham Palace.

The official added: “And yes they were the Queen’s corgis. 

“We had others on stand-by if it was required but we never needed to use them.”

Mr Boyde also praised the Queen’s acting skill following the ceremony, saying she had been “very helpful and very sharp”.

He added: “You don’t have to tell her something twice.

“She picks it up straight away, about ­cameras and ­angles. 

“And she was very gracious in giving us access really, and that’s what we wanted, that feeling to be throughout the whole ceremony. 

“She is a good actor, she is good at it. Her and Daniel Craig got on very well, her and James Bond got on very well so that was all tickety-boo, and the corgis were fine.”

The Queen herself revealed she had fun filming the brief cameo during a tour of the Olympic Park taken after the ceremony to the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

Mr Johnson told her: “You were ­brilliant Ma’am.”

She responded: “It was a bit of a laugh.” 

The segment between the Queen and James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, saw 007 heading to Buckingham Palace to collect her for the celebrations.

The Queen, sitting at her writing desk, turned towards the agent greeting him saying “Hello Mr Bond”.

She then got up and walked through the palace’s walkway with him, an aide and her dogs.     

The pair then took a helicopter headed to the Olympic Park, onto which a stuntman playing the Queen parachute jumped.

A few moments later, the real monarch walked into the stadium to take her seat with Prince Philip, among huge cheers of the spectators.

The Queen is not the first member of the Royal Family to act.

Prince Charles made a came appearance in an episode of Coronation Street, while Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has been on The Archers.


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