Teenager, 19, covered in blood after jaw is broken in one punch attack


This teenager was left with a broken jaw and a gaping cut in his chin after being randomly attacked when walking home from work.

Harry Trask, 19, fell face-first into the pavement after being punched from behind in the early hours of Tuesday in Blackpool town centre.

Pictures reveal his face and clothes swollen and covered in blood.

He underwent four hours of surgery in hospital where medics wired his jaw shut before inserting metal plates to reinforce it.

The 6ft 5in tall barman suffered a three-inch gash on his chin which had to be surgically stitched up and he lost five teeth.

Harry was attacked when walking home from the bar he works at in Talbot Square, Blackpool.

His mum, Jody Sutton, 40, fears the attack is so bad it could shatter his dream of joining the army.

Jody said: ‘He was unconscious before he had even hit the fall. The surgeon said a millimetre higher and he could have been killed.

‘Harry is a handsome boy but now his jaw is huge. It looks like he has swallowed a ball.

‘Harry is a great kid and is happy-go-lucky but he is a shell of himself now.

‘I think it will affect him in the long-run. He was trying to get in the army but we don’t know if he can do that now because he has plates in his face.’

She added: ‘People need to realise there are consequences from one punch.’

Doctors have told Harry his jaw will be wired shut for six weeks and it could take him months to recover.

He can’t eat solid foods for two months and the swelling could take six months to heal.

A 22-year-old man has been arrested and charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent.


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