Stranger Things 3 writers reveals behind-the-scenes of horrific Mind Flayer moment and you were screaming over a beach ball


The most terrifying scene form Stranger Things 3 is only made even more impressive after realising we were bricking it over a beach ball.

During the final episode from the trippy third cycle, which is breaking records left, right and centre for Netflix, the Stranger Things kids find themselves in the most unfortunate of predicaments when a 50 foot monster traps them in a mall, which is just not the one when there’s a really epic carnival going on down the road.

Eleven and her crew are petrified, it looks like their days are numbered – of course, for Billy it was… or was it? So many questions – but actually during filming, the Stranger Things writers’ Twitter account has revealed the cast quite literally ‘had a ball on set’, sharing a video of the Mind Flayer.

Watch the action below and remember hiding behind the cushion when the horror unfolded on screen.

Stranger Things visual effects supervisor Paul Graff has since revealed the beast was inspired by John Carpenter’s 1982 horror, The Thing.

‘We wanted to do something fleshy this year and something with teeth and wet and heavy,’ Graff told Entertainment Weekly. ‘I’m sort of the Mind Flayer’s uncle. I was part of his inception, not the very idea of it but the way he looks and developing it.

‘So what would that look like if this Mind Flayer reincarnates itself in a creature that’s much more like a dinosaur or like a deformed dinosaur, like Frankenstein’s deformed dinosaur? It’s not a well-designed creature; it’s a thrown-together, nasty, weird body parts creature so it should be limping.

‘Maybe some of those limbs you see are completely dysfunctional and it’s just dragging them behind him.’

Following the success of Stranger Things 3, both critically and commercially, fans are already frothing over the thought of season four, particularly after that post-credits cliff-hanger teased the capture of ‘The American’ who must surely be David Hopper, right? RIGHT?


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