Spearmint Rhino lap dancers launch legal action against feminists who secretly filmed them


Lap dancers at London’s Spearmint Rhino club have launched legal action against feminists who secretly filmed them to ‘expose rife sexual contact’ with customers.

The dancers have been granted a High Court injunction in order to prevent further sharing of the videos which were covertly filmed, despite there being a no filming policy at the establishment.

Mr Justice Matthew Nicklin will preside over a trial later this year which could see the losing side fork out costs of more than £100,000.

This is while Camden Council has said it is investigating claims by the ‘Not Buying It’ campaign who sent two former police detectives to the venue in February to get the evidence.

Those investigating say the dancers breached strict ‘no touching’ rules by touching themselves intimately and straddling punters.

But nine lap dancers are reportedly suing the campaign and its chief Dr Sasha Rakoff as they claim they were filmed ‘secretly and unlawfully’ while naked at clubs in Sheffield and London.

They claim their privacy was breached and are now seeking damages and destruction of the footage.

However, the injunction does not prevent the recording being shared with licensing or police officers. If this is breached the defendants could face imprisonment and fines.

Speaking to the Standard one of the nine performers involved said it was ‘horrible to think’ there was now a video of them naked being seen by people they do not know.

They added: ‘You expect women to stick up for other women, especially if they are making money legally.’

The solicitor acting for the dancers, Steven Fullman of Judge Sykes Frixou said there had been a clear infringement of their clients’ rights under the data protection regulations.

This is while John Specht, UK vice president of Spearmint Rhino, said: ‘We are supportive of the action being taken by our performers.’

Not Buying It is said to have given the court an undertaking not to share the recordings more widely and steps were also alleged to have been taken to prevent the lap dancers being identified.

A spokesperson for Camden Council said: ‘As the investigation is ongoing, the council is unable to make any comments at this stage.’


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