Shocking moment Labour MP admits party doesn’t have a chance in next election – ‘Too late’


A LABOUR MP has admitted in an astonishing act of candour that it is “too late” for the Labour Party to win the next general election because of its “wishy-washy” and “ill-defined” Brexit policy.

Labour backbencher Owen Smith, who is a fierce critic of leader Jeremy Corbyn, told LBC radio the party has already “blown it” if there is an Autumn general election. He explained to host Shelagh Fogarty: “To be honest, Shelagh, if there was an election in the Autumn as you were describing, it’s too late. We’ve already blown it because we prevaricated for so long now that we’ve even got to the stage that I’m not sure people care what our Brexit position is.

“They’re so used to it being wishy-washy and ill-defined and it seems to be getting more so.

“I’m a backbench Labour MP and I don’t know what our position is going to be in our manifesto.

“I think it’s going to be, from what I understand, that if the Tories are in power we’re in favour of a second referendum and Remain.

“If we’re in power we’re potentially in favour of some form of Labour-organised Brexit.

“Which is, in my view, the wrong direction.”

Ms Fogarty commented: “My understanding is what you’ve just said and that that could change in time.

“That ‘we’re a democratic party so the focus is still on the membership.

“And when we have our conference in September, or whenever it is, we’ll look at this again – we’ll define it closer to the time of a general election.”

“That’s my understanding of what comes beyond what you just said.

“But I suppose if Boris Johnson calls an election in early September there isn’t going to be any party conference, is there?”

Her guest muttered defeatedly: “That’s why I said it’s potentially too late.”

Jeremy Corbyn has called for a general election as he claimed new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has “no plan” to tackle Britain’s problems.

The Labour leader claimed the new Conservative Government has “the most hard right-wing Cabinet I have ever seen”.

He was speaking to cheering supporters at a rally in Parliament Square in London on Thursday – Mr Johnson’s first full day in office.

Mr Corbyn said: “In reality the vote we need is the vote of the people, both to reject Brexit and to elect a Labour government for the future.

“For all the arm-waving bluster of the Prime Minister this morning, what came out of it very, very clearly is this: There is no plan to deal with Brexit, there is no plan to deal with the crisis in public services all across Britain.

“There is no plan to deal with the climate emergency that this country and our planet absolutely faces.”

The Labour leader claimed the new Government believes in tax giveaways for the richest members of society and the big corporations.

He dismissed the idea of special trade deals with the US, saying President Donald Trump is “totally about” America first.

Mr Corbyn also said: “Despite his denials today I firmly believe the US administration would insist on access to our health market, as they call it, in reality it is our NHS.”

He urged people to register to vote and praised grassroots activists for the work they do in spreading Labour’s message.


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