School nurse, 46, had sex with boy, 16, then told her colleagues all about it


A 46 year-old school nurse who had sex with a 16 year-old schoolboy then told her colleagues all about it has been jailed.

Angela Beik, who is now 47, was jailed for 180 days on Tuesday for sexually exploiting the youngster she met at Linn-Mar High School in Marion, Iowa.

She told other nurses at the school how she and the child had had a ‘make out session’ in October 2017.

Beik told them how the boy had then sent her a video of himself masturbating in March 2018.

The youngster reportedly told Beik in the same video that his mother had gone out, and that he was ‘ready’ for a physical encounter.

Beik then went to see the child, and shared details of that sexual encounter with her colleagues too – including how long it lasted.

She was arrested days later, when those nurses told police what she’d told them.

During questioning, the boy denied any relationship with Beik.

Police found no evidence of communication between the two on his phone, and speculated that the youngster may have wiped it to try and protect her.

Tuesday’s hearing saw Beik enter an Alford plea to sexual exploitation of a student.

That is not the same as a guilty plea, but acknowledges that prosecutors have enough evidence to secure a conviction.

Beik was ordered to pay a $625 fine, $910 in restitution and register as a sex offender, the Des Moines Register reported.

She has also been fired from her job.


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