Scholars nightclub hilarious response to ‘feminists slamming naked butlers for ladies night’


A nightclub sent out a snarky response to complaints over the semi-naked butlers it employs for its Ladies’ Night – claiming they only go shirtless because it’s too hot. 

Scholars Nightclub in Coventry has hired the ‘butlers in the buff’ for its VIP Ladies’ Night event. 

The venue was slammed for ‘sexism’ and having ‘double standards’, while one critic predicted feminists would ‘kick off’ at the idea of naked men serving women drinks.

But the nightclub decided to address the problem head-on with a sarcastic open letter to its critics. 

Organisers claim they are being mindful of the butlers’ welfare by allowing them not to wear any clothes, as the club night is due to take place in the height of summer on August 16.    

They wrote: ‘At scholars we care about the welfare of our customers, staff and guests and with respect to the attire worn by our ‘Butlers in the Buff’ please let us stress that these gentlemen are dressed appropriately for the impending heatwave and for no other reason.’

They added: ‘We absolutely do not condone men being treated like pieces of meat, paraded around like show ponies wearing skimpy little aprons wrapped tightly around their taut buttocks purely for the pleasure of excitable ladies.’

Scholars went on: ‘To reiterate our position, the gentlemen are only clothed in the aforementioned attire for their own welfare in the current warm climate.

‘Furthermore we believe the female clientele in Scholars favour brains over brawn and would not be remotely excited by the presence of these scantily clad Adonises, erm, we mean, gentlemen.’

Danny McDermotte responded online: ‘Well done #SCHOLARS keep providing people with a great night out. Personally never had any complaints about this club, love it.’

Christian Hopkins failed to see what the initial fuss was about. 

He wrote: ‘Struggling to see what’s offensive about a ladies night, swear people need to get a grip.’

While Samatha Waterman termed the response: ‘Brilliant’. 

Jonny Green wrote: ‘Kinda sexist.. I wonder if they’ll do a an unlimited Stella and naked waitress night, probably not.’

Gareth Jenkisson agreed, branding the event: ‘Very, very sexist’.

Others were quick to claims double standards, including Aaron Bobby Elvis Davies who commented: ‘Naked women will be serving men beers, can you hear that? it’s the sound of feminazis kicking off’ 

This week a Nottingham-based air conditioning company was slammed for its ‘sexist’ billboard. 

The firm used a huge image of an attractive woman with the slogan: ‘Your wife is hot… better get the air conditioning fixed’. 

Bosses laughed it off as ‘just a bit of fun’, but commuters in the East Midlands were outraged.

Another, Graham Smith, said: ‘What is wrong with people who object to things like this? They are so sad.

‘We need more fun in our lives and this billboard is both humorous and acceptable.’  

The display was originally intended for seven buses in Nottingham, but Adverta, which is responsible for promotions on buses and trams in the city, declined to use it in case it caused offence.


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