Mosque unites community offering locals free water and fruit amid heatwave


Mosque leaders have been offering free fruit and water to help locals cope with the record-breaking heatwave this week.

Makki Masjid, in Longsight, Manchester, left crates of water and dates outside its front doors encouraging tired passers-by to stay hydrated and energised.

Islamic leaders made the kind-hearted gesture as the UK saw it’s hottest July day on record on Thursday, after Manchester saw highs of 33C and London sweltered in the 38C heat.

With the nation more divided than ever, Makki Mosque manager, Faheem Ali, told he hoped the offering would help to create new bonds across various Mancunian communities.

Makki Masjid wrote on Twitter: ‘We’re providing free water and dates outside the mosque to help people stay cool in this extraordinary heat.

‘Whether you are attending the mosque or simply passing by, please feel free to help yourself.’

Faheem said the mosque has been providing refreshments to worshippers attending daily prayers and to women and children taking part in community activities, as temperatures continued to rise over the week.

He said: ‘We have also seen an increase in people going out for evening walks and enjoying the nice weather, especially the elderly and mums with pushchairs.

‘We wanted to help them out and offer them water and refreshments too, but as many of them were not Muslims it was proving difficult to convince them to come inside the mosque, even for a free bottle of water!

‘So today we decided to put some water outside so that they could pass by and collect it without having to enter the mosque and feel awkward or uncomfortable.’

And the initiative seems to have done the trick, as leaders have replenished eight crates of water over the afternoon, after passers-by and even drivers stopped to grab a bottle.

As well as keeping locals hydrated in the heat, Faheem had hoped the kind offering would unite the community.

‘Our main aim behind this was simply to build some community spirit and cohesion as we are currently going through difficult and testing times regarding this up and down the country,’ added the manager.

‘We have been extremely overwhelmed by the support and kind gestures on our social media pages and we would like to thank everybody for their kind words.’


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