Love Island’s Anna Vakili nearly quit villa after Jordan Hames tried to cheat – and that wasn’t the first time


Love Island’s Anna Vakili nearly walked out of the villa twice during her time on the show – including just two days ago after Jordan Hames broke her heart.

The pharmacist was given the boot on tonight’s episode, just a day after she ended up in an explosive row with now ex-boyfriend Jordan which started after she caught him trying to line up newcomer India as a potential replacement for her.

But it seems that the decision couldn’t have come too soon for Anna, who nearly left the show anyway in the wake of the fiery spat that shocked viewers everywhere.

Speaking to press including, Anna explained that she thought about walking twice, and said: ‘The second time [was]when Jordan did what he did, I would have walked out if it wasn’t for everyone around me.’

‘I was so angry and hurt I wanted to walk out but I’m so glad I didn’t, because I didn’t want to walk out because of a man doing something to me – I want to walk out when it’s my time,’ she continued.

‘If I walked out because of him I would have regretted that forever and I’m not letting him have that satisfaction.’

Anna was one of the original islanders to enter the villa, and has been booted less than a week before the final, ending her two-month run single once again after Jordan attempted to make moves on India – despite India being with Ovie.

But Anna admitted she struggled to continue after becoming worried about the public, when she and Jordan were voted in the bottom couples in another vote.

‘Yeah, I thought about walking twice,’ she said. The first time after the public vote I thought if no one wants to watch me why am I there?

‘At that point I thought I was in such a strong relationship, which makes me laugh now, I thought I had such a strong relationship that I could continue it on the outside and not in front of the cameras if no one wants to watch me. Which was silly really, emotions were just high at that time.’

Anna left the show tonight alongside Jordan, as well as Chris and Harley, who were the couple that earned the second lowest amount of votes.


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