Jake Gyllenhaal says he wants to be a father and our ovaries just exploded


Jake Gyllenhaal has some amazing news – he has revealed he wants to become a father.

And we cannot handle the cuteness.

The actor is currently portraying a father-to-be in his latest Broadway show, Sea Wall/A Life, and has revealed that it’s this role that has inspired him to have children of his own someday.

‘I do hope to be a father one day,’ he admitted to Sunday Today host Willie Geist, whilst speaking about the show.

‘It’s a show about faith and family and the mess and comedy of life. It’s really actually about two fathers. And about, for my character, someone who’s just about to become a father.

‘Also, he goes back into his relationship with his own father and the passing of his father and how that makes him feel becoming a father.’

Sea Wall/A Life consists of two monologues, with A Life performed by Jake, whilst Sea Wall is performed by Tony-nominated actor Tom Sturridge.

A Life stars Jake as Alex, as he speaks about his wife whilst having a daughter and visiting her father in the South of France.

And although the 38-year-old may not have any children in his life just yet, he has been committed to his two nieces, 12-year-old Ramona and 7-year-old Gloria, whom his sister Maggie has with her husband, Peter Sarsgaard.

‘My sister has raised two extraordinary daughters. They are so well-behaved and they are so thoughtful and so observant of the world around them,’ he confessed in 2017.

‘I’m so proud of not only them but my sister as a mother.

‘When they come to me, I get two great girls, but at the end of the day there are times where it’s not bad to hand them back.’

How adorable.


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