Husband who threw sex and drugs-fueled ‘death party’ for dying wife gets three years jail


A husband who threw his dying wife a ‘death party’ complete with sex, drugs, and rock and roll has been sentenced to three years in jail.

Duane Johnson, 59, was sentenced for felony neglect after his wife, 69-year-old Debra Johnson, was found dead of methamphetamine toxicity in South Ulm, Minnesota on January 24.

Debra Johnson had been staying in a nursing home after suffering two heart attacks and begged her husband to take her home to die, Duane Johnson told authorities.

Duane obliged and brought Debra home, where she stopped taking her medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, and mental illness – instead opting for crystal meth, he said.

They couple played music from ‘Quiet Riot,’ reportedly their favorite band, and kept turning the music louder so his wife ‘wouldn’t hear or see him cry,’ court documents said.

Debra was too ill to eat or drink, so Duane wet her mouth with snow as they partied together for one last time, according to the Mankato Free Press. 

Duane told investigators that he had sex with his wife on the morning of January 24. Less than two hours later, Debra was dead.

Johnson called local police and told them Debra had died.

When officers arrived, the found the words ‘Death Parde (Party) God Hell’ written in red spray paint on the front door, according to investigators.

Duane then ran out of his house, completely naked, and told officers Debra was dead, then ran back inside.

Inside the house, police found Duane in a bathtub trying to clean little white and back ‘things’ off himself, police say.

Debra was found wrapped in a linen sheet. Duane told authorities he covered his wife ‘like the Bible told me to do,’ according to 10 TV WBNS. 

An autopsy later found Debra died of methamphetamine toxicity.

Duane had previously been charged of third-degree murder, but that charge was dismissed in a plea deal.

He will be given credit for the 201 days he already spent in jail during his trial.


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