Homeless man gives poem to girl, 10, after she handed him her last £1.45


A homeless man handed a poem to a little girl after she gave him her last pocket money she had been saving for sweets.

Georgi Darlington had been out with her older sister Katie in Manchester city centre when she saw the man named Jamie outside the Arndale Food Court.

Seeing him, she said, made her ‘heart feel sad’, so she walked over to him and gave him all she had to give.

In return, Jamie gave Georgi a hand-written poem, entitled Street Life, which was signed off with the hashtag Homeless But Still Human.

Georgi’s mum Heidi Clayton shared the poem on Facebook, saying she was proud of her youngest daughter’s generosity, and how she wished he would get the ‘break’ he desired so much.

Heidi, of Oldham, Greater Manchester, said she had £1.45 left over and ‘was actually going to go and buy some sweets, but gave it to him instead.

‘I’m so proud of her, her thoughtfulness to humanity is amazing, she has a heart of gold.’

Heidi hoped by sharing the poem, it would spread the message that ‘homeless people are human’, and that each has a story to tell about how they fell into hard times.

She added: ‘We hope Jamie Smith finds his happiness one day, I hope he finds warmth in his life and gets onto the path of life that he wishes for.’


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