Hartley-Brewer attacks Lord Heseltine interview with sarcastic tweet – ‘Shocking’


BREXITEER radio presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer lashed out at Lord Heseltine on Twitter, after he repeated his demand for Britain to stay in the EU.

Lord Heseltine claimed the most likely Brexit scenario is “continued uncertainty” in an interview with Sky News today, adding he would be happy with a “solution that leaves Britain at the heart of Europe”. Julia Hartley-Brewer lashed out at the Remain supporter’s comments, sarcastically tweeting he “revealed that he still doesn’t think we should leave the EU”. Ms Hartley-Brewer posted: “BREAKING NEWS: In a shocking development, Lord Heseltine has revealed that he still doesn’t think we should leave the EU.

“More information as we get it…”

Brexiteer Tom Harwood retweeted Ms Hartley-Brewer’s post, commenting: “Believe he’s still suspended from the Tory Party.

“Genuinely what is the justification for his seemingly weak address to the nation?”

During the Ridge on Sunday interview, Sky News presenter Ed Conway asked: “What is the solution here? Is there any neat exit that you would be happy with?”

Lord Heseltine replied: “Well I would be happy with a solution that leaves Britain at the heart of Europe.

“Of course that is my position and of every Conservative leader I’ve worked for.

“But we are where we are, and I agree with you that the most likely scenario today is continued uncertainty.

“But in the event of continued uncertainty, the worst thing to do is to add to that uncertainty by actually cutting the ground from underneath our economic strength.

“Which depends I’m huge measure on our membership of the European community.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently facing threats from pro-EU MPs within his own party, who have hinted they could vote against him in a potential no-confidence vote to try to block a no deal Brexit.

Since taking over as Prime Minister, Mr Johnson has repeatedly demanded the backstop mechanism within the withdrawal agreement is rejected, to allow Brexit talks with the EU to resume.

But so far, there has been zero movement from the bloc.

Speaking to reporters during a visit to a science centre in Abingdon, Mr Johnson said: “We are going to leave the European Union on October 31 which is what the people of this country voted for.

“It’s what MPs voted for, and that’s what I think parliamentarians of this country should get on and do.

“I think that MPs should get on and deliver on what they have promised over and over and over again to the people of this country, they will deliver on the mandate of 2016 and leave the EU on October 31.”

Despite facing threats from pro-EU MPs within his own party, Mr Johnson’s team are confident the UK would be able to leave the EU on October 31, even if they lost a no-confidence vote.

His team also believe they will potentially be able to push a future general election until after Britain has already left the bloc.

Rebels have hinted under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, if the Government lost a vote of no-confidence MPs could seek to put a new government of national unity in its place – before going to the EU to ask for a further Brexit extension.


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