German weather service issues nationwide heat warning


BERLIN, July 24 (Xinhua) — The German Weather Service (DWD) issued a comprehensive heat warning for the whole of Germany on Wednesday.

For all of Germany, expected weather conditions in the next days would bring “high temperatures, relatively high humidity, little wind movement and intensive sunshine,” the DWD announced.

The weather warning would also mean an increased intensity of UV rays across Germany, warned the German meteorological service.

The heat warning level 2 was issued for the west and south of Germany, which meant that there was an extreme heat load during the day and the so-called felt air temperature would be above 38 degrees Celsius, a spokesperson from the DWD told the German Press Agency.

In the east of Germany, the warning level was mostly 1, which meant a high heat load and a felt air temperature of 32 degrees or more.

The German weather service issued specific heat warnings for regions at the edge of the Alps and on the German coasts, which was “quite rare,” according to the DWD spokesperson.

“Those who are plagued by heat and are looking for cooling need be at an altitude of at least 1,500 meters in the mountains. And the summit of Zugspitze is of course the coolest place in Germany,” the DWD spokesperson added.

The heat warnings issued by the German Weather Service were valid from Wednesday morning until Thursday evening but the measured air temperature could already reach extreme values on Wednesday, the DWD warned.

In parts of western Germany, temperatures of around 40 degrees could be reached, according to the German Weather Service forecast.

The danger of forest fires had also increased and the DWD had issued the second highest warning level in many regions of Germany.


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