Gang of bullies beat up sobbing disabled girl, 15


This is the shocking moment a group of bullies beat up a sobbing 15-year-old girl with special needs.

A friend of the victimized girl, identified as Janise Harris, shared the appalling video in a tweet that has been viewed more than five million times.

Five girls can be seen ganging up on the disabled teen, who had reportedly asked the group for directions to the closest Red Line train station in Chicago, Illinois.

According to the friend, Harris has a mental disability ‘that has been progressing since the passing of her mother.’

Two girls initially begin battering the the teen with punches as she screams and tries to defend herself.

Harris turns her back on the girls as three more jump in, beating her before hurling her to the ground.

The attackers can be heard loudly accusing Harris of planning to call the police on them.

According to Chicago Police Chief Communications Officer Anthony Gugliemi, the department’s Special Victims unit is investigating the incident.

Gugliemi tweeted: ‘This is beyond disturbing to watch and this girl deserves far better.’

A video later posted shows Harris on the train, reportedly safe with her family.

After footage of the incident caused outrage online, people began demanding the identity of the girls who were seen beating Harris.

Some of the girls claiming to be Harris’s attackers took to Twitter to apologize, crying as they claimed they were receiving death threats.

‘Everybody, we is so sorry, we really sorry,’ one of the girls pleads. It has not been confirmed that they are Harris’s attackers.

She continues: ‘Everybody we sorry, please just leave us alone!’

The end of the apology videos shows a commenter popping up to threaten the girls.

It is unclear if any arrests have been made in connection with the incident.


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