Does the Queen like Boris Johnson? Body language at meeting reveals THIS today


BORIS JOHNSON, 55, met with the Queen today after news he was made Prime Minister. What does their body language say about how they might work together? Does the Queen like Boris Johnson?

The Queen and the Prime Minister have an interesting relationship. Ultimately the Queen must invite Prime Minister Boris Johnson to start a government.

Technically she has a power to overthrow the government, although many accept this is a power she would never use – effectively rendering it non-existent.

How closely the Queen works with the Prime Minister of the UK varies, but generally her role is purely ceremonial these days and she wields little legal power.

Nevertheless most Prime Ministers want to be liked by Her Majesty.

The Queen has welcomed 14 Prime Ministers in her times.

It has been claimed the Queen was not fond of Margaret Thatcher, but that she was close to Winston Churchill.

So, what does she think of Boris Johnson?

Boris Johnson has become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after a vote among Conservative Party members.

He replaced Theresa May, who resigned from the role.

As part of the ceremonial role of a new PM, Johnson met Her Majesty the Queen today in Buckingham Palace.

So, did the 92-year-old monarch seem to like him?

Body language Judi James gave her professional opinion.

Boris Johnson has long held ambitions for this role, and so may have been imagining this moment for many years.

Judi said: “His combination of polite, formal submission rituals and the faintest hint of his signature ‘pinging’ or rather cheeky grin does seem to have made inroads already though, with the Queen leaning forward and studying the top of his head as he performs his bow as though curious to find out more about her new PM.”

Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds wore a pink dress to welcome her other-half to 10 Downing Street. 

Twitter users took to the platform. One wrote: “Carrie Symonds with ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ senior advisor Eddie Lister. She is at the heart of the show, as well as being his girlfriend.”

Another said: “@carriesymonds looking absolutely stunning. So glad to see her outside No.10 waiting for #Boris.”

“Having hosted Trump with the most affable body language in the world, the Queen’s smile of delight and warmth here for Boris as the pair appear to chat together could be an unreliable signal in terms of their future relationship.”

But how does the new Prime Minister seem to respond to Her Majesty?

Judi said the PM who tends not to take things seriously is showing respect for the royal.

She said: “Boris is clearly in ‘best behaviour’ mode, standing with a slight splay of his feet and his arms down at this sides like a schoolboy trying to stand to attention.

“His own eye-smile as they shake hands suggests genuine pleasure and a desire to create rapport, but his deepest of bows with what looks like up-curled toes would register emphatic respect for the Queen and her role.”

Who exactly is Carrie Symonds? How is is Carrie Symonds?

Carrie Symonds age is 31. She is much younger than Boris Johnson. 

Boris Johnson was born on June 19, 1964, making him 55-years-old.

This means there is an age difference of 24 years between the couple.

They allegedly met professionally in 2012, when the Conservative PR guru was 24.

Boris Johnson: Queen smile for new Prime Minister is an ‘unreliable signal’


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