Chinese stage-version of Jane Eyre restaged at NCPA


BEIJING, July 26 (Xinhua) — The Chinese-language stage-version of Jane Eyre started a new round of performances at the National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA) to be held from July 26 to Aug. 3, marking the 10th anniversary since it premiered.

The play, based on Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel, was the first NCPA-produced drama.

Directed by Wang Xiaoying, the production uncovers Jane Eyre’s fight for freedom and fulfillment on her own terms as well as her love story with Mr. Rochester.

Since the premiere in June 2009, the drama has been presented at the NCPA in several rounds. Its national tour swept Shanghai, Chongqing, Ningbo, Hangzhou and Fuzhou, among other cities.


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