Child rapist screeches ‘I’m not worthless!’ before being jailed for the rest of his life


A pleading pedophile cried: ‘I don’t feel my life is worthless and I can’t be redeemed’ just before he was locked up for the rest of his life.

Donald Adams, 44, made the unsuccessful appeal for leniency to jurors at a court in Bentonville, Arkansas, before being sent down for raping the 13 year-old girl.

The panel of men and women ignored his pleas, and recommended he serve life for a first-degree rape conviction, as well as a further 20 years on top for sexual assault.

Adams began raping the youngster five years ago, and sat emotionless as his victim gave testimony on Wednesday.

His victim, who is now 18 and identifies as a boy, told jurors: ‘He asked me not to tell anyone and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

‘But it did.’

The boy said that Adams stepped up the abuse after he turned 15, adding: ‘It made me feel kind of distant.

‘After a while, I started separating myself from what was going on.’

During Adams’ testimony, he admitted putting his victim on birth control, but claimed he’d only done so after hearing about one of their classmates becoming pregnant.

He was unable to explain why the underage child’s blood had been found on a sex toy sheriff’s deputies found in his bedroom.

Adams falsely claimed the rape claims ‘never happened,’ but admitted battering the teen and hitting him with a violin bow while drunk.

The pervert must now register as a sex offender, and is barred from trying to contact his victim from behind bars.

Prosecutor Stuart Cearley called the case ‘heartbreaking’ and ‘depressing’, according to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. 

He added: ‘I’m thankful for a sentence that recognizes the harm caused to children when adults use them for their own purposes.

‘I’m hopeful that this sentence spares this victim from ever having to talk about her abuse again unless she chooses to do so.’


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