Celebs Go Dating’s Jack Fincham pies date by setting her up with waiter in awkward scene


Celebs Go Dating’s Jack Fincham had the ultimate’ dating disaster’ when he inexplicably attempted to set his date up with the waiter.

Yeah, we’re not sure either.

The Love Island star, who spoke earlier in the episode about his past relationship with Dani Dyer, started things by asking his date Chiara about her tattoos.

After she told him she had one which says ‘Everything happens for a reason,’ she gave the example of their date hypothetically not going well and the waiter instead asking her for a drink.

Without missing a beat, Jack went into wingman mode and attempted to make things work with her and the poor bartender.

Calling him over, he said ‘This is Chiara,’ and, upon realising they were both from Italy, he added: ‘Well that makes a lot of f***ing sense.’

With Chiara attempting to be polite, she told the bartender in Italian: ‘He’s trying to embarrass me so I will let you carry on working.’

Undeterred, the 28-year-old told the waiter: ‘She said she was attracted to you so…’ before Chiara interjected: ‘He’s trying to embarrass me so carry on working.’

Clearly a little puzzled by the experience, Chiara went on to tell Jack: ‘I want to be on a date with you,’ before he bluntly told her: ‘I don’t wanna be on [this date]anymore.’

Someone please get them both out of there immediately, this is too awkward to handle.

Later on, when the pair were assessing the date, Jack went on to make things all the more awkward by blaming everything on Chiara.

‘I think it got a bit weird at one point…you made it weird,’ he reflected. ‘I think we’re better drawing a line under it tonight.’

‘That’s the first dating disaster I’ve had,’ he later told the camera. ‘The first date where I’ve thought “F*** that.”’

We’re pretty sure she wasn’t too keen either by the end of it.

Fans were utterly baffled by the whole thing, with one writing on Twitter: ‘Nah did that Jack really jus do that, and got the cheek to blame it all on her liberties #comeoffthegearmate.’

‘As a masterclass in how to screw up a seriously promising date, Jack is way ahead of the field,’ another added.

Meanwhile, one more summed things up by adding: ‘Im not entirely sure what just happened on Jack’s date.’

Us neither.

Elsewhere on the episode, things got emotional when Megan Barton-Hanson revealed she and Wes Nelson had chatted about marriage and babies before their split back in January.

‘I thought we had this future like he spoke to me about kids and marriage and it came on the radio that he was sexting another Love Island contestant,’ Megan said.

‘He said they weren’t sexting they were talking about cuddling but I just feel completely stupid and betrayed.’


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