Catherine Zeta Jones over the moon in hometown as she’s honoured with Swansea freedom


Catherine Zeta Jones and her husband Michael Douglas looked over the moon as the star was honoured with an honourary freedom from the City Of Swansea.

She’s gone back to her roots and looks to be loving it.

The Mask Of Zorro actress headed back to her hometown, rocking a stunning pink dress for the occasion while Michael, 74 looked completely dapper in a suit and shades.

The pair posed on the red carpet with their son Dylan, who recently headed off to university for the first time, before heading in for the ceremony at the Guildhall.

Lord Mayor Peter Black reportedly said the ceremony ‘will be filmed and webcast, so if you don’t want to appear on camera I suggest you leave,’ with the 49-year-old laughing in response.

Afterwards, Catherine spoke on being back in her hometown, explaining: ‘It’s wonderful to be home, with the sun out, having this award… it doesn’t get better than this.’

She added: ‘I never really left.’

So sweet!

The star and her family also couldn’t resist a round of golf while they were in town, with Michael giving it some welly.

Although the star was born and raised in Swansea, she moved to Los Angeles in the late nineties to avoid being typecast as the token pretty girl in British films.

She later found success starring in movies like The Mask Of Zorro, Entrapment, and Chicago.

Despite her success, Catherine previously spoke out on keeping their children away from Hollywood.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the NYC junket for her Facebook Watch series, Queen America, the actress revealed: ‘They’ve kinda been removed from the crazy world of Hollywood or even the crazy world of Manhattan.

‘The teenagers here in Manhattan, there’s a maturity that comes too quick I think.’

Catherine, who also shares daughter Carys with Michael, added that despite having shielded her children away from the limelight, she ‘got lucky’ with how they turned out.

‘We’ve kind of shielded then away, but they’re incredibly mature for their tender years. They get it, and that’s just a thing [where]I think that I just got lucky.’


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