Carol Vorderman: ‘I’ll wear my Daisy Dukes!’ Countdown legend, 58, talks skimpy attire


CAROL VORDERMAN, who rose to fame on Countdown, made a startling admission during a live broadcast on BBC Radio Wales today, as the show host hinted she is eyeing up a new hobby.

Carol Vorderman, 58, was joined on her Saturday Morning show by Owain Wyn Evans and the pair chatted about the Royal Welsh Show 2019 which took place earlier this week. The BBC Radio Wales presenter seemingly joked she was considering taking up “bodybuilding” and would flaunt her famous rear in a pair of Daisy Duke-inspired shorts. The presenter commented: “We were talking about the Royal Welsh show, Owain and I, when some record was playing that he is far too young to remember. “Martha and the Muffins I think it was. The song Echo Beach. And I said next year at the Royal Welsh show, I’m thinking of becoming a body builder.”

Owain replied: “Right.”

Carol then chuckled: “I’ve got firm legs and I can wear my Daisy Dukes!”

Her co-star agreed: “It should be fab.”

Daisy Duke is a fictional character, played by Catherine Bach, from the American television series The Dukes of Hazard.

As a result of her popularity sporting the extremely short, form-fitting denim shorts – which became a trend in the early 1980s in America – the trademark threads were often referred to as Dasiy Dukes.

It was the small-screen star’s first time attending the Royal Welsh Show this year, an annual event to mark British agriculture.

The event includes a wide range of activities including livestock competitions, countryside sports, horticulture and forestry.

Carol’s surprising admission comes after she and her colleague were chatting about sexy outfits.

Owain cheekily confessed he was the proud owner of a Britney Spears inspired red catsuit which was bought for him in celebration of his stag do, when he had to learn the singer’s famous dance routines.

Carol quizzed: “Are you good at those?”

To which he replied: “Oh darling I know them all.”

Carol said: “Do you? Can you teach me for our Christmas party that you don’t know about yet.”

Owain: “I think you and I should have a sort of Britney tribute going on. I’ll get the catsuit on and you can get your Daisy Dukes on.”

Meanwhile, the age-defying beauty recently took up another role at the Welsh event.

The former Countdown star took part in her first ever modelling job as she showcased winter warm outfits at the show, earlier this week.


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