Call Of Duty battle royale and Black Ops 5 planned for 2020 claim rumours


A standalone battle royale mode for Modern Warfare is supposedly coming next year, with a new Black Ops rumoured as the next sequel.

This year’s Call Of Duty isn’t even out yet but there are already plenty of rumours about what’s going to happen next year with the franchise.

Activision recently confirmed that this year’s Modern Warfare reboot wouldn’t have a battle royale mode but according to YouTuber LongSensation it will be introduced next spring as a free-to-play standalone release that also connects to the main game.

Although at first that sounds similar to EA’s approach with Battlefield V, which in the end made very little impact, being a standalone game that anyone can download makes a lot more sense.

Of course, that’s assuming the rumours are true but LongSensation does have a reliable record and was one of the first to leak that this year’s game would be a Modern Warfare reboot.

But that’s not his only prediction, as he’s also claiming that 2020’s new game at Christmas will be Black Ops 5 or a reboot.

That’s not a new suggestion, with Kotaku having recently suggested the same thing, in a report in which they also mentioned Activision’s interest in a free-to-play element for Call Of Duty.

All sources seem to suggest that the new Black Ops game will have a story campaign and that it will be set during the Cold War, with LongSensation suggesting that it’ll take part over a period of 40 years and take in both the Vietnam War and the Korean War.

He also claims that the new game will take the same grim and gritty approach as the new Modern Warfare, a game that seems destined to spark controversy given the current political situation in the U.S.


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