Bizarre Harry Potter theory suggests Hagrid was a Death Eater this whole time and we are not okay about this


A strange new Harry Potter theory scraped out of the bottom of the internet suggests the beloved Hagrid, Keeper of the Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts, lover of giant spiders and one of Harry Potter’s best friends, was actually a Death Eater.

One fan suggested that, rather than a bumbling, innocent half-giant, Rubeus Hagrid was actually an evil wizard in the employ of Lord Voldemort, serving as a double agent and Death Eater.

Pick your jaw off the floor, we understand your shock.

The Reddit user who suggested the idea admitted it is likely JK Rowling didn’t intend for Hagrid to be a Death Eater, but alas the ‘evidence’ has damned him.

Reddit user u/Whoofph penned a long post outlining in detail after they had re-read all seven books, the reasons they thought Hagrid was evil.

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Professor Quirrell was introduced to Harry by Hagrid as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. It turned out he secretly carried Voldemort on his head like something out of Alien.

Tenuous link there Redditor, tenuous link.

The Reddit user goes on to talk about all the dangerous situations Hagrid got Harry as well as Ron and Hermione into, which de facto suggests that he was working for the Dark Lord and secretly trying to kill the Boy Who Lived.

Or something.

There was also the small detail that Voldemort, AKA Tom Riddle, and Hagrid went to school together. So obviously the evil rubbed off?

The theory systematically includes scenes from each book pointing to alleged evil behaviour on the part of Hagrid and argues that one of the biggest betrayals was when Hagrid helped him get through the Triwizard Tournament, thereby handing him to Voldemort, who had been waiting at the other end of the trophy port key.

In defense of Hagrid: The theory, whilst interesting, doesn’t account for all the times Hagrid has put his life on the line to protect Harry and Dumbledore.

Plus, Hagrid is a good ‘un, according to J K Rowling herself.

Writing on her Harry Potter website Pottermore, the author has a post dedicated to games keeper titled: ‘What we learned from Rubeus Hagrid.’

For one, Dumbledore trusted him. ‘We first knew Hagrid was important when we saw him drop baby Harry off at the Dursleys’. Dumbledore stated he’d trust Hagrid with his life, despite Professor McGonagall questioning Hagrid’s abilities. For Dumbledore, Hagrid’s loyalty outweighed any concerns.’

And he’s loyal. ‘Hagrid is loyal to all his friends, especially Harry, and to the creatures he loves, from Norbert to Aragog,’ she wrote.

‘It’s a loyalty he never questions, which may occasionally lead to trouble but – Aragog’s man-eating family aside – Hagrid’s friendship is a prize worth winning.’

So there. Leave Hagrid alone.


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