A look at the trailer, the cast, and the release date of Zombieland: Double Tap


The first trailer for Zombieland: Double Tap dropped on 25 July, reuniting the cast for more post-apocalyptic hilarity.

So, exactly who is back for Zombieland 2 and what new faces will be joining the fight against the zombies? More importantly, when is the UK release date, and where can you watch the trailer?

Find the answers to all your questions – and more – below.

Many of the original crew will be back for the second installment of the zombie comedy flick, including True Detective star Woody Harrelson who will return to play Tallahassee.

He’ll be joined by Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), who will star as the protagonist and narrator, Columbus.

Emma Stone (La La Land and Birdman) is also returning as Wichita, Columbus’ love interest.

Original cast members Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), who plays Little Rock, and Bill Murray (Ghost Busters, Lost In Translation) will also feature in the upcoming sequel.

There’s some new faces joining this year’s cast, including Before I Fall actress Zoey Deutch and Rosario Dawson, known for her roles in Rent, Death Proof and Seven Pounds.

Ruben Fleischer will return to the director’s chair.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming zombie flick here:

The Zombieland sequel will be released on Friday, 18 October in the UK and US.

The first film was released back in October 2009, so the sequel falls close to its tenth anniversary.


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