Theresa May and ex-ministers enjoy first ‘day off’ at Lord’s cricket match


Brexit battles behind her, the Maidenhead MP heads to the cricket along with some of her former staff.

Theresa May has been spotted laughing and looking relaxed as she enjoyed the cricket at Lord’s, a day after stepping down as PM.

She was joined by former ministers and staff on her first day as a backbench MP in 17 years.

Mrs May resigned as PM on Wednesday, with Boris Johnson taking over the keys to Downing Street.

The former prime minister was at the famous London cricket ground for England’s match against Ireland.

Sat behind her was David Gauke, who resigned as justice secretary during Mr Johnson’s reshuffle, as well as Greg Clark, who until Wednesday was business secretary.

Gavin Barwell, her chief of staff, was also there as London recorded the UK’s highest-ever July temperature of 36.9C (98.4F).

Her successor, meanwhile, was delivering his first speech as prime minister in the Commons.

Brexit battles now behind her, the Maidenhead MP follows in the footsteps of John Major – who also went to the cricket the same day he resigned in 1997.

He told the Commons after resigning as PM: “I hope that Norma and I will be able, with the children, to get to The Oval in time for lunch and for some cricket this afternoon.”

He was later spotted watching his beloved Surrey cricket team.

Mrs May is a keen cricket fan and hosted the World Cup winning England team during her last days in Downing Street.

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In her final speech outside Downing Street on Wednesday, she said: “Everyone who loves our great country, who works hard for their family and wants their children and grand-children to enjoy greater opportunity than they did.

“Thank you for putting your faith in me and giving me the chance to serve.”

She also confirmed that she would remain a backbench MP.


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