Hot tub rash warning after mum was told she could lose her leg


A YOUNG mum has warned of the dangers of hot tub rashes after she feared she would have her leg amputated.



Taylor Bryant, 26, had been enjoying long hikes and relaxing dips in the bubbling water on holiday with her partner and two children in March when she discovered a rash on her leg.

The mother-of-two began to feel unwell while staying in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

She developed a rash and felt a pain in her leg and later struggled to walk.

She told WISH-TV News 8: “I would say (the pain was) worse than labour.

“I don’t know what could be worse than that.

“Every night, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, we were in the hot tub and (the doctor) was like, ‘That’s the only way I thought you could get this infection was from a hot tub’.”

After a ten day course of antibiotics Mrs Bryant had still not recovered. Her skin had begun to turn black and was cracking.

When she went to hospital they informed her she was suffering from pseudomonas folliculitis — a common skin infection which can become lethal if untreated.

The mother from Indianapolis was told amputation was an option – but luckily after two weeks and an IV drip she began to recover.

Folliculitis was nicknamed “Hot Tub Rash” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because it is frequently contracted in warm pools.

Shaving your legs can mean you break the skin around follicles making them more open to infection.

If topical medication does not treat hot tub folliculitis effectively, a doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics. Showering after going into a hot tub is recommended to prevent it.


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