GTA 5 Update 1.32 Patch Notes Download News for Grand Theft Auto Online Casino DLC fixes


Rockstar Games has released a new GTA 5 Update today to fix a few issues with the GTA Online Casino DLC. Here’s everything that’s changed

GTA 5 players have noticed that a new Grand Theft Auto update has gone out today.

This is update 1.32 for PS4 or 1.47 for other platforms and according to Rockstar Games expert, TezFunz2, it’s said that today’s new GTA Online Patch “should fix most of the issues with the casino update.”

Patch Notes have also been shared there’s no much to see, although fans will obviously be happy that Rockstar are improving the game so shortly after releasing the games Diamond Casino & Resort DLC earlier this week.

You’ll find the new patch notes, just below:

GTA 5 Update 1.32 Patch Notes

  • Added matchmaking improvements
  • Fixed a few glitches.
  • Fixed framerate drop issues.
  • Added stability improvements.
  • Various under the hood changes.


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