Eurostar power failure leaves hundreds trapped in ‘scorching heat’


EUROSTAR passengers have been trapped on a “scorching” London-bound train after a power failure on the line in Belgium.

The train reportedly experienced a power failure on the line and has been stopped between Halle and Tubeke, Belgium, for more than two hours.

Around 600 passengers were on the train at the time.

Prof Paul De Grauwe, who was trapped on the train saidit became “very hot”.

He reported the air conditioning was not working and temperatures in the carriage rose to around 40C.

It’s understood passengers were given water and have since been evacuated to the side of the track.

Pictures from the scene show passengers lining the tracks and inside tunnels, with some still sat on the train dangling their legs above the tracks.

It’s understood the problems are caused by damage to an overhead line, resulting in a loss of electricity supply.

Eurostar announced on Twitter that an empty train would be arriving soon to take passengers back to Brussels.

They said: “Due to an overhead power supply issue train 9121 could not continue it’s journey.

“We currently we have an empty train leaving Brussels Midi which we will transfer passengers and return passengers back to Brussels Midi where we will take care of them.”

They advised passengers using Eurostar services to avoid travelling today – particularly the 12.58pm from London to Brussels and the 14.56pm from Brussels to London.

Another passenger Melissa Houghton took to Twitter saying: “Stuck on @Eurostar from Brussles to London for 2 hours with no air con and 40 degree heat.”

Comedian Katy Brand took to Twitter to complain to Eurostar.

“So @Eurostar I am one of hundreds of people on the fire-struck 10.56 train Brussels to London.

“We are being held in a tunnel. Babies are ill, people are fainting.

“We were promised a rescue train.

“It’s been two hours. Where is it? This is very unsafe. Legal action ahead.”


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