New lamb marking products and advice at hand


An officer with a lamb marking product.

Agriculture Victoria is keen to demonstrate and discuss the latest animal health and welfare products available for lamb marking.

Animal Health and Welfare Senior Veterinary Officer Dr Robert Suter has taken stock of some of the latest products to hit the Australian market this winter and is available to discuss and answer questions about their use.

Dr Suter said in the past few years new pain management products had become available to use during procedures such as castration and tail docking.

“It has been a major effort to ensure these products are available involving innovation by drug manufacturers and the cooperation of regulators, led by the demand for such products by industry,” he said.

Dr Suter said one particular demonstration kit he could show farmers was a rubber ring which injected local anaesthetic into the tail and scrotum of ram lambs before the ring was applied.

“Research by the developers shows that injecting local anaesthetic halves the measurable chemical pain reaction within the lamb’s body, and practically abolishes the behavioural reactions to the application of the rubber ring.

“We are fortunate to have these products become available, however they must be used correctly, which is why I’m keen to talk to as many producers and answer as many questions as I can.

“If possible, it is preferable to use a combination of treatments that, between them, address both the immediate pain and any pain that might occur during the healing process.

“It is important to closely read and follow the label directions, unless the product has been prescribed by a veterinarian, when their instructions must be followed.”

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