Shoppers mock Zara’s ‘creased effect’ dress and joke they’ve been ‘perfecting this look for years’


Shoppers have mocked a ‘creased effect’ dress sold by Zara for looking like an item they could find screwed up at the bottom of their wardrobe. 

In a Twitter post, Fran, who lives in the UK, posted a picture of the £49.99 lavender outfit and penned: ‘Let me tell you, Zara, I don’t need to buy a creased-effect dress…I am perfectly capable of making my own, cheers.’

And it seemed her view was supported by the majority, with many declaring their entire wardrobe features similar items which follow the non-ironed effect.

‘Really hope this style takes off,’ joked one. ‘I have it as a top, skirt, dress, pretty much everything that isn’t my child’s school uniform.’ 

Another added: ‘I’ve been perfecting this look for years,’ while a third wrote: ‘Just pull anything from my mountain of still waiting ironing.’

Meanwhile, a further confirmed the controversial dress looks just as scrunched up in real life. 

‘Oh I think I saw someone wearing this at Peppa Pig world the other day,’ she explained. ‘I just thought b**** hell that dress is creased! Didn’t realise it was a thing.’

Online, the product description reads: ‘Dress with a v-neck, lapels and short sleeves. Featuring a belt in the same fabric and double-breasted front snap button.’ 

And in the picture on the website, the model can be seen wearing the item, which is still available to purchase in all sizes, with a pair of white leather knee-high boots, while another styles it with a leather bag across her shoulder.  

‘What… Is… Ironing?’ joked one shopping enthusiast, while another added: ‘She’s carrying her iron in her bag… just in case.’

However, it was the bag accessory that appeared to distract others from the screwed up nature of the dress. 

‘For a minute I thought that bag was her boob,’ commented one, while a second agreed: ‘It’s an odd way to hold a bag for sure.’

A third commented: ‘I honestly thought it had a padded leather chest piece,’ while another predicted: ‘It looks like a massive bumbag. Maybe the boob-bag is the next big thing. You can have two!’


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