Mother licked daughter’s ice cream cone – only to learn that the 4-year-old ‘wiped my butt with it’


A Georgia mother-of-two learned the hard way — truly, the hardest way possible — not to share food with her four-year-old daughter. 

Sidney Anderson, who runs the mommy Facebook page ‘Someone hold my beer,’ made the mistake of snagging a bite from her daughter Blakely’s ice cream cone for the very last time earlier this week.

Writing about the mishap on Facebook on August 12, Sidney shared the horrifying place that Blakely’s ice cream had been before she grabbed it and licked it herself.

‘Y’ALL!!!! I am DONE with these kids!! I learned a hard lesson today… one I wasn’t prepared for and I feel like I’ve been through a trauma! I need prayer!’ Sidney wrote.

‘I got Blakely an ice cream cone (yes the McDonald’s machine was working),’ she said. 

‘Well she walks into the living room and hands me her cone (half eaten like everything I give her) and I know all you moms have been there. We as moms pretty much live off of the food our kids don’t eat so I licked it before it dripped.’

But as she licked it, she noticed Blakely was staring at her with an odd expression. 

‘I ask her: “what’s wrong?”’ Sydney recalled.

‘And she says: “Is it okay?!” 

‘At this point I’m scared b/c I don’t know what just happened. I think maybe she dropped it in her room and was scared to say. We stand there looking at each other and the ice cream cone. 

‘And this fool says: “I accidentally wiped my butt with it.”

Understandably, Sydney was horrified, and she added some queasy-looking emojis to her post to drive home the point.

‘Excuse me?!! With this ice cream cone I just licked?! Wtf!! I am coming unglued,’ she wrote.

‘So I ask this child, “How do you accidentally wipe your butt with an ice cream and WHY did you give it to me to eat????”

‘She looks me dead in my face and says “I used the wrong hand to wipe but it was just pee mommy.”   

‘DONE! Someone come get these kids. I cannot even handle it. If y’all need me I’ll be washing my mouth out with Clorox,’ she concluded, adding a few choice hashtags included #kidsarea**holes, #shesaiditwasjustpee, #allmylifeihadtostruggle, and #parentinglol.

Sydney’s post has since been shared 274,000 times and counting, with other parents sharing their own experiences and hard-learned lessons in the commnet.s

‘That’s why I don’t eat behind anyone even if my kids give me anything they’ve eaten off of,’ wrote one.

‘Prayers mama… mine ate my contacts, broke my glasses, flooded the daycare bathroom, flooded the bathroom floor, cut each others hair, cut open a foam ball lightening McQueen pillow, found my 24 pack of glitter all opened in their closet….yes mama…I feel your pain!!! Hugs!’ said another.

‘My sister used my moms toothbrush to clean a ball and when mom asked her why she said, “I put it back like always momma,”‘ added yet another. 


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