Lady Colin Campbell reveals that Eamonn Holmes is her ‘type’


Lady Colin Campbell appeared on This Morning today, revealing that host Eamonn Holmes is her ‘type’ – and even offering to be his mistress.

The Jamaican-born socialite, 69, was on the show to talk about her experience on Celebs Go Dating, and opened up to presenters Eamonn and Ruth Langsford about her perfect man.  

Speaking about what she finds attractive in a man, she revealed: ‘It’s everything, although I don’t really care about men from the neck up. 

She cheekily added: ‘I care about them from the neck down and you’re my type [to Eamonn]. I like men of substance. Now that he’s married he has space for a mistress!’ 

Ruth responded tongue-in-cheek: ‘He’s too tired!’  

Lady Colin also spoke candidly on her dating history, telling the hosts that she hasn’t dated since she was 25. 

‘I left my husband and I thought ‘I’m never dating ever again,’ she said, adding: ‘I hated dating before I got married but you know, you sort of felt obliged to jump through the hoops and be a performing seal, and I thought I can’t be bothered.

She continued: ‘You don’t need to date to make that connection, it just happens in everyday life… I never worry. I cross the bridge when I come to it and I simply treated the dates the way I would treat a party.’

Speaking about Celebs Go Dating, she said that she was pleasantly surprised by the experience, calling it ‘wonderful’ and adding that the producers ‘came up with several really lovely guys.’  

‘Actually, the whole thing has been wonderful. It’s been much better than I could have ever of imagined. 

‘You know, these things can be a little bit awkward at times, but this has been smooth sailing from beginning to end,’ she said. 

So what is Lady C’s perfect type? She told the hosts: ‘They have to be physically appealing. I like nice people, I don’t like nasty people, but I like somebody that’s not a pushover. 

‘So they need to be a good friend, but they also need to be able to make a good enemy. I think they need to be interesting. Sense of humour, absolutely essential. 

‘I prefer to be the mischievous one in the relationship. I don’t want him stealing that thunder from me thank you very much.’  


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