Inside Cara and Poppy Delevingne’s fun-filled LA home


Cara and Poppy Delevingne are widely known for their fashion-forward style, and it turns out that their interior decor sensibilities are just as on the money.  

Poppy, 33, and Cara, 26, were both born in Britain, however their work as actresses and models means they spent a lot of time in Los Angeles – and in 2017, they decided to invest in a $2.05 million home on the West Coast that they then spent 18 months renovating to suit their wild personalities.  

And this week, the two London-born blonds opened the doors of their jungle-themed house to Architectural Digest, sharing an insight into their fun-filled home which is exploding with personality.

Poppy and Cara told the outlet that they worked with architect Nicolò Bini to bring their vision to life. 

From foyer to patio, the home is brimming with references, symbolic of the sisters’ respective world travels.  

‘It’s a mad world… a jungle mad world,’ the duo said as they showed off their tropical palm tree fabrics, banana leaf-print wallpaper, rattan monkey chandelier and forest green lacquered walls.

In the kitchen, they admitted they have never used the appliances. Although, Cara reckons she once cooked something and ate it with plastic cutlery when they first moved in. They pointed out pink dining plates and said ‘we went a bit nuts with them.’

In the guest room, the sisters decided to design double bed bunk-beds so they could have as many friends as possible stay at once. 

A wrap-around balcony allows lots of light to seep in through the large windows, as they joked that they’re not used to seeing such luscious green foliage being from England. 

The 1950s-style home is located on a ‘quiet street’ in the Hollywood Hills and has two separate entrances. According to Observer, Poppy and Cara bought the four-bed, three-bath 4,000-square-foot home from actor Jared Leto in 2017 for $2.05 million. 

However the sisters revealed to Architectural Digest that they only moved into the home in January however because the property was being renovated for about 18 months.  

Speaking of their ‘dream sister house’, Paper Towns star Cara added that Los Angeles can be a lonely place, so the siblings jumped at the chance to live together. 

‘You really have to make an effort to reach out to people. Since one of us was always coming here for one reason or another, being with family just made sense.’

‘This was the chance to build our dream sister house. Miraculously, we’re still talking,’ Poppy joked.  

Stylish Poppy was the mastermind behind much of the design, though Cara collaborated on parts of the home.

‘The room feels like the Playboy Mansion with a touch of Art Deco and a David Hicks pattern thrown in for good measure,’ Riviera actress Poppy said. ‘I wanted to reclaim the concept of the bachelor pad and make it my own.’  

The differences in the sisters’ tastes is evident when it comes to their respective bedrooms. 

While Cara opted for a dramatic magenta and gold theme in her own room, Poppy went for a serene and calming white space. The only similarities are the extra long beds, as Cara is 5’8′, Poppy is 5’10’ and her husband is 6’5′. 

‘I wanted a bed big enough to swim in,’ said Poppy as she joked about herself and her husband being ‘giraffes’.

The impressive finishing touches in the house included a tiny tropical-themed toilet, sourced from eBay, velvet sofas and macrame plant holders. 

Chanel model Cara’s personal bathroom is a bohemian design lover’s dream, as it was modeled after a Moroccan hammam (traditional bath house). The washroom boasts ornate tiles, shutters and opulent gilded gold finishings. 

According to Architectural Digest, the sinks were actually procured by Poppy during her honeymoon in Marrakesh. 

It is believed that Cara’s girlfriend, the actress Ashley Benson, also lives in the home. 

A source revealed that the Pretty Little Liars star, 29, had sold her own property to permanently move in with Cara. The pair sent the rumor mill into overdrive when they were spotted wearing matching rings, but it was then confirmed that the jewelry was due to the fact that they had a ‘friendship ceremony’ – and not a wedding.  

In the movie room filled with emerald green velvet chairs, there’s a stripper pole located right in the middle for entertaining. 

‘We like to watch movies and if anyone has an expertise of modern dance, they’re totally allowed, it’s almost encouraged,’ Cara joked about the room’s focal point.

She added that she was inspired by rapper Nelly and his lyric from Hot in Herre.  

‘Like he said, it’s important to have a friend with a pole in the basement,’ Cara said of the room – which also boasts a mirrored ceiling, framed photos of 1950s topless pin-ups and a lighting system. 

When the video was shared to YouTube, commentors joked that the house tour ‘went from zero to a hundred so fast’. 

‘How did we go from cutesy tropical themed interior to massive orgy bed and stripper poles,’ one person joked.

‘Oh this is a party house! The house is deceiving because at first it didn’t look that big but it keep going on and on with these large rooms. Have fun girls,’ said another. 

Many comments praised the pair for daring to do something different with their interiors. 

‘Thank god not another perfectly styled cliche interior. Props to them for daring to do whatever they fancy,’ a comment read. 

Outside, the party continues. A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme is evident, as the sisters opted to have all different types of outdoor dining chairs at a large rattan table.  

In the bar, with its own keg – ‘very British as they say – there’s a continuation of the tropical island theme. A vintage Playboy pinball machine definitely adds character too.  

And just when you think you’ve seen it all, they point out their festival-style tee pee decked out in cosy fabrics – where they plan to host sleepovers during the summer.

Poppy and James, who is the CEO of British aviation company Thomas Cook, also own a sumptuously decorated home in West London. The married couple also have a countryside retreat in West Sussex.

Poppy and Cara are very close to their family – property developer father Charles, socialite and personal shopper mom Pandora and elder sister Chloe, 34.

When she opened the doors of her London residence to close friend Derek Blasberg for Architectural Digest in 2017, she noted that she had only moved out of the Delevingne family home when she turned 28.

It girl Cara was also living with her parents until quite recently – unsurprisingly as her busy multi-hyphenate career likely left no free time to house hunt.  

Like Poppy, she opted for West London for her UK base. She moved into a modernized listed Georgian townhouse in 2018.  


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