How can I tighten the skin around my mouth naturally?


What can I do naturally to address the saggy skin each side of my mouth — or what is the best way to tighten this area?

If by ‘naturally’ you’re referring to things such as facial exercises, I’m afraid you’ll find them a waste of time. But there are procedures proven to stimulate skin’s natural collagen and elastin production and restore some of its firmness and spring.

Dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams ( favours Exokine therapy. Using an electric needle pen that makes tens of thousands of microscopic punctures in your face, she triggers a healing response that plumps and tightens skin. 

It’s followed by an infusion of a concentrated serum derived from the growth factors in your own blood, seriously amping up the fresh cell production.

The procedure, which shows results after two or three months, involves taking blood along with some stingy face-needling, and costs £1,215.

Team this, Williams suggests, with the gold-standard ultrasound treatment for tightening both the skin and underlying tissues: Ultherapy.

It targets high-intensity jolts of ultrasound energy precisely where your face needs it, creating deep, progressive tissue regeneration.

Costing from £2,500 nationwide, this is a serious investment, but results are known to last for two years.

Ingeborg van Lotringen is beauty director at Cosmopolitan. Email questions to: [email protected] 


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