Emotional moment a woman was surprised by her wheelchair-bound father at the airport


A woman, who returned from travelling, had an emotional reunion at the airport with her father who suffers from MS.

Emily Nagioff, 25, from London, has been travelling the world and writing about it, since September 2018, after being diagnosed with depression and anxiety. 

However, with a short break back in the UK, she was ecstatic when her parents were able to meet her at the airport – sharing the emotional video on both Instagram and Twitter.

Her father, David Nagioff, 58, suffers from Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and this has been the first time he’s been well enough to greet her the airport.  

‘It was incredibly emotional to have my Dad greet me at the airport. Back when I was a child, I used to get really upset when parents collected my friends from our holidays away,’ Emily admits,

‘My dad wasn’t able to come to the airport, and neither was my Mum because she was always looking after him.’

When she shared the video on Twitter she had thousands of people retweet it and make comments on it.    

She said as she shared the video: ‘My dad suffers from #MultipleSclerosis and my parents have never been able to greet me at the airport before. 

‘This time, after travelling around the world since November, they were able to welcome me back with open arms. Special moments like this should be shared.’

People loved the post and video admitted that it had really tugged on their heartstrings. 

Speaking exclusively to Femail Emily said: ‘Originally, he didn’t think he would be able to meet me as he relies on carers to get him up in the morning and thought it would be too early to meet me at the airport. 

‘Dad made a special effort to get up, have a carer in earlier and rush out of the house to meet me when my flight arrived.

‘I had spontaneously flown from Krabi to Kuala Lumpur (not part of my original loose plan), and from there had taken a flight to London Heathrow.’

Talking about his condition, which he was diagnosed with when she was five, the keen traveller said: ‘He’s 58 now and over the 22 years, I’ve seen his condition deteriorate and had to care for him with my mum from the age of 14-19 years old when we eventually got in full time carers. 

‘He used to be able to walk with a frame but now is paralysed from the waist down in a wheelchair. He’s such a friendly, outgoing spirit, and him and my mum raise money for the Willow Foundation every year with a charity party at our house. Both of them can’t work anymore.

Talking about her past experiences of airports she said: ‘I was always having to meekly ask for a lift back, or get a train by myself late at night, and it was hard. 

‘The simplest things people take for granted can make the biggest difference in other people’s lives, and having my parents there to welcome me home after travelling the world is something I’m going to keep with me forever.’

The blogger, who writes about her experiences on her blog Emily Eyes Explore and shares photos on her Instagram, said: ‘I am soon to fly and explore SE Asia as part of my ongoing trip and blog to raise awareness of travelling solo as a female who suffers from Depression and Anxiety. 

‘It’s my hope that people in the same position will be able to relate to the stories I write and in turn feel less lonely and isolated as I share my thoughts, feelings and emotions along this journey, as well as providing tips to fellow travellers, with or without mental health problems, to make their adventures easier to organise!  

Emily, in the past, has also completed the Royal Parks Half Marathon and raised £2,000 for the MS Society.

‘Once again, it was unlikely he was able to meet me through the crowds but he managed to do it, and I cried as he waved to me as I crossed the finishing line,’ Emily said.


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