Monkey is said to have abducted baby in India: child dies


A monkey had caught the kid on Saturday in the East Indian village of Talabasta while sleeping next to his mother and ran away with him.

In India, a monkey is said to have kidnapped a baby – with fatal consequences. The body of the 15-day-old boy was discovered Sunday in a well in the East Indian village of Talabasta, police said on Monday. A monkey had kidnapped the child on Saturday when it slept next to his mother, and ran off with him. This is how the mother described it, and the authorities considered it credible.

Around 2,000 residents of the village as well as policemen and foresters sought the baby until relatives found it in a well near the family home. The monkey may have dropped the child, said a police spokesman. An autopsy should clarify the cause of death.

Angry residents demonstrated on Sunday at the local forest office office. They called on officials to control the ever-growing monkey population in the area, which is near several forest areas. The problem also exists in larger cities in India because forests are shrinking so that the animals – mostly macaques – are looking elsewhere for food.

According to the police spokesman, in the area around the village of Talabasta in the state of Odisha, where the tragedy happened, the primates steal food from their hands and even from their refrigerators. “Right now there are 20 to 25 monkeys on the roof of my office,” he said.


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