#LandExpropriation: How I would execute property and land matters


PLANS: The reader writes about District Six in 1960, when people were forcibly removed from their land and homes. He puts forward suggestions on land compensation, among other issues.
Property and land matters

How I would execute them.

Let’s face facts. If you were 3 years old when you were subjected to the Group Areas Act in 1960 then you will now be 60 years old, probably a parent/grandparent and your parents would be about 80.

If you had four siblings one would have to ask who gets what and how long does such a process take. Houses still need to be planned and constructed.

* Should the land/homes in District Six not be on sale to the coloureds who, if I am correct, were the main race group living there at a nominal government/community controlled affordable price to persons earning less than a stipulated salary? No developers welcome.

Interest on loans locked at 4%. Finding specific persons will be time consuming as we already know and it will run dead just like the applicants.

What about all the others?

* All homes occupied in our townships must be transferred to the people living there for longer than say 10 years. Anyone else with amounts outstanding on bonds to be reduced to 4% backdated to date of transfer.

What about those living in Rondebosch East and Claremont and on the hills in Parow? Sorry talk to your DA councillor Oops!* Farm land. Fair is fair. Let the present white farmer get a 49% share of the farm and implements, and the workers the controlling balance, shared by the workers with government oversight.

* What about any recent mortgages? Who made those agreements? Who made the massive profits over the years dated back to Pappa Jan? Now the workers should also cover that cost on condition that their share is backdated to nineteen voetsek as well as the dop they received as a perk.

What about the financial institutions like Absa?

* No problem. Let us look at how much money they can sponsor sportsmen. How much money do the cricketers and rugby players and coaching staff earn? Do they deliver?

Come now the land issues in our country, when you sleep in a shack or under a cardboard box is not sports at all.

* From what I have heard, we living in a “not so safe area” pay more to cover a car against theft than in the “safe areas”. Pay-back time.

* And what about the interest rate on a home loan? Do we all pay the same or do the haves negotiate the percentage rates?

Kenneth M Alexander, Athlone.

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