Finland approved for Harpoon, SeaSparrow missile purchases


The State Department has approved the potential sale of variant missiles to Finland pending the approval of Congress, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency said Monday.

The possible foreign military sales, with a total value of $734.7 million, is for RGM-84Q-4 Harpoon Block II+ ER Grade B Surface-Launched Missiles, RGM-84L-4 Harpoon Block II Grade B Surface-Launched Missiles and 68 Evolved SeaSparrow missiles, or ESSM, and one ESSM inert operational missile, DSCA said.

The DSCA notified Congress of the potential foreign military sale as required by federal law on Monday. Additionally, the two contracts, if approved, would also provide Finland with a plethora of shipping containers, spare and repair parts, training and other supporting items, with U.S. Government and Contractor engineering services.

In total, Finland will receive 112 Harpoon missiles and 68 Evolved SeaSparrow missiles.

Finland plans to use the Harpoon missiles on its Hamina-class ships, multirole corvettes and coastal batteries, while the SeaSparrows are expected to be used on Finland’s new Squadron 2020 corvettes.

Work on delivering the SeaSparrow missiles will require up to 12 U.S. Government personnel to travel to Finland in order to provide support over a period of five years, with the principal contractors being Raytheon for manufacturing the missiles and BAE Systems for the missile canisters.

For the Harpoon missiles, Boeing will be the principal contractor, and will require up to 21 U.S. Government personnel traveling to Finland over a period of ten years, according to the DSCA.


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