Certain syptoms of overtraining: Does sport become unhealthy?


Sporty burnout: When the body is overcharged, the physical and mental health suffers.

Who starts with the sport and immediately every day and always trained to the limit, will quickly come to his mental and physical limits. Who exaggerates it with the running, swimming, gym and tennis games, harms his health.

This is currently pointed out by doctors and psychologists. According to the experts, not only the degree, but also the correct execution of the exercises is very important. Otherwise, physical and mental discomfort threatens – from which one has to recover for a long time.

Sporty burnout due to excessive physical training

Rainer has been going to gym for three months. He finally wants to lose weight and give his body a sporty look. The clerk has lost five kilos already through his tight training program, from which he does not take a break at the weekend. But Rainer realizes that instead of getting fitter he is getting tired.

And yet “sports have to be now,” he tells himself when he enters the gym exhausted after a long day at work. Until one day he can not anymore. His body hurts and exhaustion is so great that he has to get sick from his family doctor. Rainer suffers from a kind of athletic burnout. He exhausted himself and invested more energy than he had. The 47-year-old is no exception. Many people are demanding too much of themselves and their bodies. Only when the body strikes, they realize that they have overwhelmed weeks, months or even years.

“Basically, I would really advise everyone to do sports in view of the positive effects,” explains Prof. Herbert Löllgen from the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention to the news agency “dpa”. “But there are certain training principles to stick to.”

Healthy sports: Rule number one “Do not overdo it!”

“Beginners often do not have a pronounced sense of body and therefore can not estimate their exercise limits so well,” says Oliver Stoll, professor of sports psychology and sports education at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg to the news agency. “This can make them overwhelmed, which ends up with injuries, if it goes stupid.” So it’s always fresh-boned strength athletes who train with too much weight and therefore pull on strains or muscle tears.

Many people exercise at their limits for long periods of time. “In the long term, this overloads the organism, and it can lead to the so-called overtraining syndrome,” explains Löllgen. These included symptoms such as fatigue, cardiac arrhythmias and muscle aches – that athletic burnout that Rainer had to experience.

Improper training will damage your health

Most people do sports to get fitter and healthier. To achieve this, amateur athletes should pay attention to the correct execution of the selected sport. This is just as important as a healthy measure. The correct posture and the knowledge of basic techniques and movements play an essential role. Swimmers who thrust their heads out of the water during breaststroke or runners who misalign their feet are likely to harm their bodies more than they gain any health benefits. If there are uncertainties, an experienced athlete should be consulted. He can analyze the movements and give tips for improvement. Unfortunately some longtime athletes make technical mistakes either unconsciously or because they do not want to be advised. Many are also overwhelmed.

“As a rule, you know what works and what does not work when you practice a sport for a while,” says Stoll. “However, it is advisable to question your training methods from time to time to see whether critical behaviors have crept in.” What happens if this advice is not heeded show the overcrowded waiting room of orthopedic surgeons: Here is a “tennis elbow” a “runner knee”. Exposure to stress can lead to serious illnesses. Tedious and painful inflammation of the periosteum and severe signs of wear and tear on the joints, bones, tendons and ligaments are often the result. Löllgen also points out that even the immune system suffers when the body is constantly overwhelmed.


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