Pokémon GO: Niantic has to pay $ 1.6 million to angry players


Remember the big event on Pokémon GO held in July 2017 in Chicago’s Grant Park? At that time many of the traveling fans were quite disappointed. Problems with the Internet, extremely long waiting times and an altogether rather boring event destroyed the fun of Pokémon GO. Some even traveled from the other side of the US to attend. For a ticket were $ 25, on Ebay even up to $ 400 after the tickets were sold out within minutes, officially.

Some angry “Pokémon GO” players have filed a class action lawsuit against Niantic. As TechCrunch reports, Developer Studio Niantic has reached an out-of-court settlement with these participants. $ 1.575 million is to cover the travel and compensation costs of the plaintiff. These had received after a great apology from the “Pokémon GO” -maker ingame items worth 100 dollars and legendary Pokémon.

In the coming months, participants should have the opportunity to sign up for compensation on a special page. Payments will be made only with proof of tickets. Anyone who has paid more for the tickets on Ebay, will probably not see this again. What is left over and unclaimed goes to the Illinois Bar Foundation (legal support for those who can not afford it) and Chicago Run, a nonprofit organization that encourages teenagers to keep up.


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