The 157 new emoji coming to your iPhone this year


A new set of 157 emoji are set to be released for iPhone and Android smartphone users later this year.

The emoji 11.0 set from The Unicode Consortium will join the 2,666 other emoji that exist, scheduled for release in June 2018.

The emoji sport a range of new hairstyles, including red-haired, curly-haired, white-haired and bald people.

Others include a cold and hot face, male and female superheros and villains, a well as a lab-coat, kangaroo and mango.

Although there are only 77 new emoji, some of them have more than one skin tone option, leading to a total of 157 new emoji versions.

Jeremy Burge, who runs Emojipedia, shared sample images of every new emoji in an iOS style to give people an idea of what they’ll look like. 

The new emoji set includes the data needed for software developers to work on their emoji fonts and code.

New emoji tend to start showing up on phones in August or September.

Some updates include new skin tone options for the leg and foot emoji, as well as a range of hairstyle and skin-tone options. 

The new emoji will also include hot and cold faces, as well as party, woozy and pleading faces. 

Other new emoji include male and female superheros and supervillains, as well as emoji for activities such as softball, frisbee, sewing, chess and lacrosse. 

Animals lovers will enjoy the new llama, raccoon, lobster, hippopotamus, parrot and kangaroo emoji. 

Science aficionados will delight at the sight of the new test-tube, lab coat, petri dish, microbe and infinity emoji. 

The new list also includes other items such as a pirate flag, red gift envelope and household items (sponge, broom and toilet roll.)

Foodies wont be disappointed either, with the emoji release including a mooncake, cupcake, lettuce and mango. 



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