Swan struggles to eat amid waves of pollution in Thames


Horrifying pictures of a swan struggling to sift its way through rubbish has once again highlighted the problem of pollution in London.

The swan was photographed making its way through the River Thames in Limehouse, east London, struggling to find food to eat.

In a scene which resembles a swamp more than a river, the swan can be see surrounded by black sludge, empty plastic bottles and takeaway cartoons.

A football, loose Styrofoam and pieces of wood are also seen floating on the water, which is so densely polluted the surface looks almost solid.

Other smaller ducks were pictured trying to wade through the thick layer of rubbish, also trying their best to pick out salvageable scraps of food.  

Last year, Thames Water was fined £20.3million – the largest penalty handed down to a water utility for an environmental disaster – for polluting the River Thames with 1.4billion litres of raw sewage.

Hundreds of fish and birds died over a two-year period when ‘out of control’ sewage treatment centres owned by Thames Water, sent 1.4billion litres of untreated water into rivers in the beautiful countryside of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. 

The fine was delivered after tampons, condoms and sanitary towels were left floating between the banks of one of the world’s most famous rivers and forced a crayfish fisherman to lay off his staff for three years. 



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