Scientists Discover a 150 Million Years Old Plesiosaur in Antarctica


Paleontologists from the University of La Matanza (Argentina) have discovered in the southwest of the Marambio Station the remains of a giant carnivorous marine reptile that lived in the area 150 million years ago. The Argentine Marambio Station is Argentina’s largest station in the Antarctic. It is located on the “Isla Marambio”, about 100 kilometers from the Esperanza station.

The Plesiosaur is more than six meters long and has probably been hunting cuttlefish, ammonites, sharks, ichthyosaurs and smaller plesiosaurs. The temperature of the seas was much higher 150 million years ago than it is today, and the Plesiosaurus find is the first of its kind in the Antarctic. For the scientists, it is considered evidence of the possibility of spreading these reptiles through a passage between Africa and the Antarctic, which had separated long ago.



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