African fish from Lake Malawi called Mr Kissable


According to a recent survey, the feature men find most attractive in a woman is kissable lips, but this one could really give Angelina Jolie a run for her money.

Originally from Lake Malawi in Africa, one carnivorous fish is named ‘Mr Kissable’ because of his puckered, human-like lips.

The bizarre video was filmed by bemused tourists while on holiday and shows the pouting cichlid fish floating about in a tank.

Lake Malawi is well known to the world with its enormous variety of the fish. 500-1000 different species of fish are found, and most of these fish are found only in Lake Malawi.

The cichlid fish will usually prey on the smaller species of cichlid in the same habitat and have the distinctive lips for fighting and for picking up objects as they also feed on dead sea matter.



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